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Green Hill Energy

Pitts Lagoon
Seaside vacation cabin project

Pitts Lagoon is a vacation rental project with owners spending little time on Roatan. They needed a dependable power supply for customers who are paying top dollar for a hassle free vacation ( which includes electricity !).



A Frank Wilson generator in a sound attenuated cabinet provides quiet back-up power and is controlled by a FGWilson ATS that includes features such as under and overvoltage relays on normal source. Whole system distribution with back-up generator and auto switching.

We installed a 15kv underground distribution system with a small, 2 transformer substation enabling auto-transfer to take place in 240volts. The entire project is master metered in high voltage entitling the customer to a RECO industrial tariff.

Pineapple Villas
French Harbour

One of Roatans prestige condo projects contracted Green Hill Energy to install a 500 kva super-sound attenuated Cummins / Onan back-up generator to provide power 24hrs a day to the whole project.

By means of 2,500kva padmounted distribution transformers , incoming and outgoing power is stepped-up and stepped down between 13.8/7.96kv and 277/480v wye to enable auto switching and paralleling.

Re-location of 1000ft of RECO primary 7.96kv line (French Cay sub-feeder) from overhead to underground as well as installation of a main 13.8kv primary metering system and the first of several 300kva three-phase transformers.

Caribe Point Bight

Exclusive subdivision and townhouse development underground distribution system supplying 1MW load.


Lawson Rock
Sandy Bay
Residential lots and Beach Club


Installation of primary underground power (both 13.8/7.96kv and120/240volt )and telephone distribution system to hillside sub-division as well as 3-phase underground power distribution in 13.8kv to the Beach Club.

Green Hill installed a 13.8kv primary metering system at the main RECO/L’Rock demarcation point to meter the entire project.

One of Green Hill’s first projects was to re-locate, from overhead to underground, 2000 feet of the RECO main transmission line that passed through a large part of the Lawson Rock property. The esthetic improvement to the property were quite remarkable.

Parrot Tree Plantation
First Bight

2,000 feet underground primary 13.8/7.96kv feeder to power up Beachside Villas and Parrot Tree Marina.

Marble Hill Farms
Punta Blanca

2,500 feet underground primary (7.96kv) feeder to power up jelly business and youth camp facilities including 3 power transformers and 3, 120/240volt sub-feeders.

Man O’ War Cay
Mud Hole

A 2,300 feet, primary, 7.96kv underwater power line to feed the residence of Tom and Gerry Lou Miller.

Other customers we have served …….

West Bay Mall, West Bay

Back-up generator install and master meter

Fuego del Mar, Politilly Bight

Back-up generator

Mar Vista, West Bay

9 lot subdivision URA utilities.

Blue Harbour Estates, Mudhole

URD utilities for 25 lot subdivision.

John Bell, Punta Gorda

URD utilities for 8 lot subdivision.

Mariposa, Jonesville Point

URD utilities for 100+ lot subdivision

Roatan Realty

Back-up generator and ATS for office.

Mayoka Lodge, Sandy Bay

Back-up generator and ATS for hotel.

DV Woods

Back-up generator for private residence.

Meade Hyde

Back-up generator for private residence.

Scott Campbell

Back-up generator for private residence.

Cerveceria Hondourena

Back-up generator for distribution depot.

Keyhole Bay

Underground utilities (H2O), power and comm) for 25 lot sub-division.

Mayan Princess and La Sirena

5 kv underground 3 phase-feeder and primary metering for luxury hotel complex.

Bodden Bight Estates, Jonesville

11 lot, full utility underground installation for Dwain Hope

Wesley Heights,Sandy Bay

URD utilities

Tamarind Drive, West Bay

URD utilities

Sunset Cove, Gibson Bight

URD utilities

White Rock Hills, Sandy Bay

URD utilities

Roberto Lopez, Sandy Bay

URD utilities

Tranquil Seas, Sandy Bay

15 kv, URD feeder and 100 kw transformer install

Hutton Estates, Milton Bight

URD utilities for 70 lot subdivision

Tropical Beach Resort, Calabash Bight

URD feeder, back-up generator and auto-switching for small hotel

Roatan Real Estate, Mount Pleasant


UPS battery backup for Real Estate office


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