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Green Hill Energy

Matthew Harper

President and founder of Green Hill Energy, Matthew has been involved in the electrical industry in the Bay Islands and Northern Honduras for 20 years. Starting his electrical career on Roatan with RECO when it first began in the early nineties, he held several posts from metering supervisor to line supervisor and ending up as operations manager. During these early days at RECO Matthew as directly involved in post Hurricane Mitch line repairs and was the NRECA lineman training officer for the NRECA/MERCHANT program. Upon leaving RECO, Matthew tried work in the private sector as electrical engineer for the island's leading developer (Parrot Tree Plantation, Mayan Princess) but continued to serve RECO as a board member for 5 consecutive terms.

Due to encouragement from a developer on Roatan, Matthew started Green Hill Energy and within its first year established itself as the premier contracting firm on the island of Roatan catering to developers and businesses due to its customer first philosophy, strong work ethic and quality, guaranteed installations.

Matthew, a naturalized Honduran citizen, is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College, NJ, with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Electrical Engineers (formerly IEE now IET) in the UK,IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Matthew, together with Charles George of Vegas Electric is a founding member of ACEH (Honduran Electrical Contractors Association) which is the first NECA chapter in Central America.

Matthew serves as Her Majesty's British Honorary Consul for the Bay Islands of Honduras and is an amateur historian and writes short stories particularly about Roatan.

Since March, 2008, Matthew has served as executive Director for the Roatan Electric Company under the new ownership of Kelcy Warren (Energy Transfer Partners) www.recoroatan.com/about.html

Lisandro Castillo - Field Supervisor:

Lisandro is one of the most experienced linemen on Roatan with 20 years experience of clambering up and over poles with the agility of a lemur ! He first began work as an electrician as a way of getting rank and a pay raise with Honduran army’s 105th infantry battalion in Trujillo and when he was discharged as First Sergeant, continued work in factories as an industrial electrician. In 1992 he began working at RECO where he worked as a service drop crew chief as well as 13.8kv high line lineman until 1998 when he tried the public sector working for a development. Lisandro is a trained cableman in terminating 15kv cable. He has been with GreenHill since its beginnings in 2004 and is a shareholder but most importantly as field supervisor and dazzling striker in the GreenHill soccer team!




Carlos Deras - Consultant Engineer :
Carlos Deras came on board as consultant engineer at the beginning of 2007 and bringing with him over three decades of power engineering experience. We are very proud to have Carlos ( Ingeniero Deras ) working with us . He is a foremost authority in Honduras in the field of power distribution , particularly metering holding a BSc in Electrical Engineering and having been trained in the Westinghouse laboratories in Pennsylvania and in Mexico. He also holds a Masters degree in Business Administration. Ingeniero Deras presently teaches Physics and Maths at both the University of San Pedro and the Technical University of Honduras ( UTH ).





Rene Diaz - Office Manager CAD draftsman and Jenna Francisco - Office Assistant

Rene Dias has been with GHES since its humble beginnings as has grown with the company learning the electrical contracting trade specifically the estimating and drafting side. Rene lives in Oakridge and attended Instituto Honduras in Jonesville where he did his high school.

Jenna Francisco joined GHES in 2009 from La Union on the North Coast of Honduras where she previously worked out of high school with the Dole Fruit Company, her family is originally from Coxen Hole.









Field Crew Left to Right

Marvin Martinez, Electrician
Dennis Fuentes, Electrician/Cable manager
Lisandro Castillo, Foreman
Juan Antunez, Lineman/Cableman
Carlos Ocampo, Lineman/Cableman
Manrike Balderama, Technician/Cableman


Green Hill, Plan Grande, Roatan, Honduras
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